Starting In JUly- STill accepting resumes

I am opening up my doors and my heart to very passionate and talented individuals that would like to grow as LMTs. This is a three month commitment and sure way to either join an established practice or leap forward with excitement with a new invigorated sense of what massage can offer both the practitioner and client. I built Thrive with a passion for bodywork, as well as a desire to use massage as a touchstone for my clients to do well and be well. With the intention in mind that my clients are no good if I’m not THRIVING myself. Come see how intention and community work together to create a space for everyone.


I began with mobile massage until I grew my practice and was able to secure a studio on the SE Stark Street strip in Montavilla. I have a large client base with a vast set of needs that is continually growing. My studio is a joined with a yoga studio and I have a great referral basis from the yoga community. I have gained trust and commitment from my clients and want to take on someone who will value and respect them as I have and do.

I have reached such significant growth that I am looking for an apprentice who would like to be an asset to an already thriving business and in exchange gain a boost in your career as a massage therapist, while gaining insight into what makes a massage career sustainable.


I pride myself on my experience and training I received from a very qualified and unique artisan massage school in New Mexico. The school began with a single vision from DrJay Scherer who was a beloved Naturopathic physician and his vision has been passed down to the future generation of healers. I  am looking forward to passing on some guidance to the right fit.

I’m excited to share my knowledge, to teach techniques and skills that I have earned along the way and continue the lineage of healers.


For three months the apprentice will collaborate with an exceptional massage therapist to further develop their skills. AND during the three months, the apprentice sessions will be offered at a reduced rate on their training days. Apprentice sessions will be shadowed at first and then the apprentice will go solo. The apprentice will commit to open availability on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The apprenticeship program at Thrive is designed to give a licensed massage therapist an opportunity to continue their bodywork education and receive valuable mentoring, feedback and business building skills.

Some of my favorite topics to cover: BOUNDARIES, VISION,INTENTION, BODY MECHANICS, PRESENCE, PASSION, and HEALING OUR WOUNDS> The apprentice will work alongside Elaina and will be compensated for their work during a three month commitment. The pay will be discussed in person during the oral interview.

In addition to clinical experience, a career and confidence/skill building workshop will be provided along with weekly homework. At the end of the apprenticeship period, assuming the apprentice still seems like a good fit for the business, the apprentice will have the opportunity to join Thrive.

ready to apply? send resume and cover letter to elaina@thrivepdx.net