Why I Believe In Massage: Genesis

I'm in my early twenties and I'm standing in line for the bathroom at the local coffee shop where I work. I'm grabbing my chest, and pressing down, because it's the only thing that takes the edge off the pain I've been feeling for weeks. It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I can't take a full breath. My left arm has that feeling you get when you're having a heart attack.

It has felt that way since the panic attack, I'll coin "genesis".I won't go into great detail of why I was having a panic attack because it's not something I feel the need to feed into anymore.What I will share are the steps that lead me to begin a new way of life and to start taking control of my mind and body.

"Hi, I hope this doesn't seem weird, I couldn't help but notice you pressing on your chest. Are you OK?" A kind voice from the lady in line behind me says.

I smile and reply in a questionable tone that I was pressing on that area which seemed to help my breathing. I express the stress I was under and the idea that I was possibly having a heart attack. I glanced a smile at her of course when I said I was having a heart attack half joking but deep inside I was terrified and in serious pain.

"I'm a seasoned massage therapist and am convinced I could help relieve your pain. It sounds like a common problem I see in clients. The heart isn't getting oxygen and the tightness you are feeling is the culprit and is constricting. I'm so sorry you are feeling this." She says this with so much confidence and knowing. Her voice is soothing and her eyes are trustworthy.

"I love massage. I'm actually working on getting into massage school now. Where is your office?" I jump to it right away, trusting this stranger as though she were some sort of God send.

"I'll come to you." She says and then she disappears into the bathroom.

When she comes out I am leaning against the wall. The pain radiates down my left arm and just behind my shoulder blade. I take a shallow breath and look into her caring eyes while I'm on the verge of tears.

I schedule a massage with her for that following day.

She enters the front door of my home with her huge massage table,oils and a hug. She starts setting up in the office.

I'm getting ready to experience a massage that I will never forget and will influence my faith in the career path I have chosen to live and breathe everyday.