Dry skin to a healthy glow

Every winter we can expect a few things and one of those things is dry skin. Before you go spending money on expensive hand cremes read this. It may be an internal issue instead of an external issue.  

If you have dry,flaky and itchy skin keep reading. You may have found your solution. Essential Fatty acids(EFAs) are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. The two EFAs, omega 3 and omega 6, can only be obtained from our diet and are critical for the health of our skin. These polyunsaturated fats act as a barrier to keep moisture in our cells rather than escaping. A sufficient amount of each is needed to keep moist cell membranes. So what is the right amount?

"There is much more omega 6 fatty acids in what we eat every day, so less of this supplemet is needed" says Dr. Jonathan Wright. To begin supplementing fish oil into your diet he recommends taking a tablespoon of fish oil daily or taking 1000mg of fish 5 times daily. Also take vitamin E 400iu twice daily. After a month he says you should see changes in your skin.

I personally have been taking 1000 mg oil capsules twice a day and can safely say my skin is doing great so far. I also just ordered krill which is high in omega 3 and is said to fights against inflammation and strengthen immune system. 

Do your own research and ask your naturopath or physician if fish oil is safe for you.  


Happy winter and goodbye dry skin!