The artists way: a winter read worth a look

Do you feel trapped inside your house and are starting to feel restless. Here's a little extra fun book to keep you motivated, creative, and hustling.

A friend just recently reminded me of this. Last time I read The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron, was way back in '09. That year turned out to be one of my most courageous and breakthrough years to date. This book reminded me to live in less fear and gave me the push to live a more creative life. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and urged me to do some self examination. I believe it was one of the biggest reasons I ended up following my passion for Massage Therapy. I'm really grateful for that. I'm truly grateful I can do my art for a living.

It is definitely a spiritual book and I want it to be known I completely respect everyone's own interpretation of God.

I hope this book can bring you a little light and shake things up for you.

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