Yoga Refuge 2 year Birthday party!

If God created us in 6 days and wound up resting on the 6th day after a 60 plus hour work week...

He must be an entrepreneur.

I am only speculating.

But really why I'm here is to express how thankful I am to be a part of the Montavilla community in Portland, Oregon. Mark your calendars on March 11, 2016 I get to participate in the celebration of Yoga Refuges’ two year birthday and my two year reunion of opening my studio.

Which means a few things: I get to simultaneously celebrate the fact that I opened my studio and get to share a space with Yoga Refuge.

It means that my colleague and I get to do do four hand massage on people who attend the party.

Lastly, it means I get to reflect back on 2 years of sweat, blood and tears with honor and appreciation. I get to look ahead with an open heart and I get a chance to be present in a celebration with a community I love.

Opening the studio was fun mixed with alotta of painting.  It was great to watch Kate make her yoga studio come alive. Next time you’re in the studio you can 'Thank her' for the amazing colors on the wall, the numerous plants supporting our breath, the only yoga studio on the outer SE, and the amazing set of teachers. It is a community yoga center, that supports the local arts and families.

Be sure to thank her for her heart and all of the time she's dedicated to creating a space for everyone. For we are all beginners. We are all welcome. And at the end of the long oak wood floors lies a refuge.

Kate is an inspiring woman to know. I feel blessed to share a wall with her yoga studio and that I get to take her classes and watch her in action. Getting to watch her be a mom to two wonderful boys and a wife to a pretty spectacular father and husband.



I hope that’s enough to convince you to join us.





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