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I highly recommend a massage from Elaina. She is highly skilled at finding the origin of tight spots and working the entire length of the muscle. She has strong hands, which I love. You leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. Elaina is very personable and always asks what you want to get out of your treatment.
— Jamie B.-via facebook page review
This is a great relaxing space in Montavilla across from the Academy. Elaina is great! She used some gentle supported movement to get at the deeper muscles of my upper back, shoulders, and legs. I felt so comfortable and relaxed. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be back!
November 12, 2015
— Laurie N. -via Facebook review
This woman really knows the body, where to put pressure and focus. One of the best massages I’ve ever had.
— Heather F.-via facebook page review
Thank you so much, Elaina! The day after my massage, the pain in my leg was less. The following day the pain was gone, and it’s never returned. I thoroughly appreciate your healing touch.
— Linda M.
...thanks so much! I was really impressed with your style and technique, and felt great the remainder of the day- something, that for some reason, isn’t the case when I usually receive a massage.
— Kevin S.
Elaina has healing hands, and a strong and therapeutic practice, insight, and understanding for the body on her table. She’s helped me have appropriate sensation in my body again and pain reduction. She makes me wish for time to go by so I can get to the next massage, that’s the only thing... My muscles, head and heart experience her as awesome!
— Theresa Seeley
You wouldn’t think that Elaina could make each massage better and better. I tell her to slow down or she’ll run out of ideas. It hasn’t happened yet.
— Fritz B.
Sometimes I feel like I am cheating on my massage therapist, but sometimes it’s necessary to try new people and I am absolutely adding Elaina to my top 5 list. I am super excited to see her again and now I have a fabulous place to go for the most amazing, relaxing massage. Thank you so much for offering your services to us yoga teachers! I will not pass you up.
— Leah M. -via facebook page review
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My daughter gave me my first massage with Elaina as a birthday gift. I’d been without a masseuse for 2 years because I couldn’t find one who made me as comfortable as my former one, who’d left the profession. Within minutes of my first massage with Elaina, I was exultant, knowing that once again I could entrust myself to someone with a lovely sense of what the body needs—secure, comforting, and balanced touch, full attention, therapeutic insight, and responsiveness. And what a delightful person, too. So happy.
— Devon B. -Jan 2016
Elaina is both skilled and intuitive, strong and nurturing. I recommend her highly to everyone!
— Fawn W.-via Facebook review
I suffered from a separated AC joint due to a bike accident and began treatment with Elaina about two weeks after the crash. Her work was by far the most effective in the reduction of pain (better than the pain-killers!) and increase in motion in all of the treatment that I received. Each time I came in for therapy she first and foremost worked to diagnose the problem and then proceeded to specifically target those specific areas, the work she does never seems rote or like she is going through the motions. Her knowledge of anatomy and ability to approach my injury from a variety of techniques made my visits to Thrive incredibly therapeutic, educational and of course relaxing. I would encourage anyone with an acute injury to seek her services.
— Joel Holly
I think Elaina is THE body whisperer. That 2 hour massage was - and is - the gift that just keeps giving!
— Victoria Q.